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SideElement Class Reference

#include <OpenFlipper/widgets/coreWidget/SideElement.hh>

Inheritance diagram for SideElement:


class  TopArea
 Clickable area inside of the side element. More...


void toggleActive (bool)

Public Member Functions

 SideElement (SideArea *_parent, QWidget *_w, QString _name, QIcon *_icon, QWidget *_headerAreaWidget)
 ~SideElement ()
void setActive (bool _active)
 Set the element as active.
void saveState (QSettings &_settings)
 saves the current state
void restoreState (QSettings &_settings)
 restores the state
const QString & name ()
 return the name
bool active ()
 returns if the SideElement is active
QWidget const * widget ()
 returns the pointer to the plugin tool widget

Private Slots

void detachPressed (bool _checked)
 Called if the detach button was pressed.
void dialogClosed ()
 Called if a detached dialog was closed.

Private Member Functions

void labelPress ()
 Called on mouse press.

Private Attributes

QWidget * widget_
QWidget * headerAreaWidget_
QString name_
QIcon * icon_
QVBoxLayout * mainLayout_
bool active_
QLabel * label_
QLabel * iconHolder_
QToolButton * detachButton_
QAction * detachAction_
QDialog * dialog_

Detailed Description

A widget that holds the plugin side area widget

Definition at line 85 of file SideElement.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SideElement::SideElement ( SideArea _parent,
QWidget *  _w,
QString  _name,
QIcon *  _icon,
QWidget *  _headerAreaWidget 

Create a SideElement

_parentSideArea widget that holds this widget
_wPlugin tool widget
_namePlugin name
_iconAn icon that should be shown in the title bar of the side element

Definition at line 67 of file

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