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SSAOPlugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SSAOPlugin:
BaseInterface RenderInterface LoggingInterface


struct  ViewerResources

Public Slots

QString version ()


void log (Logtype _type, QString _message)
void log (QString _message)
- Signals inherited from BaseInterface
virtual void updateView ()
 Update current view in Main Application. More...
virtual void setSlotDescription (QString _slotName, QString _slotDescription, QStringList _parameters, QStringList _descriptions)
 Set a description for a public slot. More...
virtual void setRenderer (unsigned int _viewer, QString _rendererName)
 Set a renderer for the given viewer. More...
- Signals inherited from LoggingInterface
virtual void log (Logtype _type, QString _message)=0
virtual void log (QString _message)=0

Public Member Functions

QString name ()
 Return a name for the plugin. More...
QString description ()
 Return a description of what the plugin is doing. More...

Private Types

enum  {

Private Slots

void initializePlugin ()
void exit ()
void render (ACG::GLState *_glState, Viewer::ViewerProperties &_properties)
QString rendererName ()
void supportedDrawModes (ACG::SceneGraph::DrawModes::DrawMode &_mode)
QString checkOpenGL ()

Private Member Functions

void destroyResources ()
 free all gl resources
void destroyResources (int _viewerId)
 free viewer specific gl resources
void reloadResources (int _viewerId, unsigned int _sceneTexWidth, unsigned int _sceneTexHeight)
 reload gl resources
void drawQuadProj (float _x0=-1.0f, float _y0=1.0f, float _w=2.0f, float _h=2.0f)
 draw a quad in projection space (only positions)
void traverseLightNodes (BaseNode *_node)
 find all light nodes in the scene
void generatePeelingShaders (GLSL::StringList *_strVertexShaderOut, GLSL::StringList *_strFragmentShaderOut, bool _textured)
 peel shader generator based on lights and texture mode
void drawScenePass (ACG::GLState *_glState, Viewer::ViewerProperties &_properties, BaseNode *_sceneGraphRoot)
 draw the current scene
void gaussianBlurPass (const ViewerResources *_pViewer, const float *_texelSize, GLenum _targetAttachement, GLuint _srcTexture)
void generateSamplingKernel ()
 computes a hemisphere sampling kernel in [0,1] range
- Private Member Functions inherited from BaseInterface
virtual void noguiSupported ()
virtual ~BaseInterface ()
virtual void blockScenegraphUpdates (bool _block)
 Tell the core to prevent scenegraph updates. More...
virtual void updatedObject (int _objectId)
 An object has been changed or added by this plugin. More...
virtual void updatedObject (int _identifier, const UpdateType &_type)
 An object has been changed or added by this plugin. More...
virtual void nodeVisibilityChanged (int _identifier)
 A scenegraph node has been shown or hidden. More...
virtual void getCurrentRenderer (unsigned int _viewer, QString &_rendererName)
 Get the current renderer for the given viewer. More...
- Private Member Functions inherited from RenderInterface
virtual ~RenderInterface ()
virtual QAction * optionsAction ()
 Return options menu. More...
virtual QString renderObjectsInfo (bool _outputShaderInfo)
 Return a qstring of the current render objects. More...
virtual void reloadShaders ()
 Reload any renderer specific shaders. More...
- Private Member Functions inherited from LoggingInterface
virtual ~LoggingInterface ()

Private Attributes

std::map< int, ViewerResourcesviewerRes_
GLSL::Shadershaders_ [10]
 shader resources
GLSL::Programprograms_ [6]
 shader programs
GLuint randomVecTex_
 random vector table for sample offset rotation
ACG::Vec3f samplingKernel_ [128]
 ssao sampling kernel

Static Private Attributes

static const unsigned int numSamples_ = 32
 number of samples

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file SSAO.hh.

Member Function Documentation

QString SSAOPlugin::description ( )

Return a description of what the plugin is doing.

This function has to return a basic description of the plugin

Implements BaseInterface.

Definition at line 84 of file SSAO.hh.

QString SSAOPlugin::name ( )

Return a name for the plugin.

This Function has to return the name of the plugin.

Implements BaseInterface.

Definition at line 83 of file SSAO.hh.

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