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SSAOPlugin::ViewerResources Struct Reference

Public Attributes

unsigned int glWidth_
 viewer window width
unsigned int glHeight_
 viewer window height
unsigned int rtSceneWidth_
 scene render target width
unsigned int rtSceneHeight_
 scene render target height
unsigned int rtWidth_
 render target width
unsigned int rtHeight_
 render target height
unsigned int rtDownWidth_
 downsampled rt width
unsigned int rtDownHeight_
 downsampled rt height
GLuint depthBufTex_
 depth buffer render target
GLuint sceneNormalTex_
GLuint depthSSAORenderBuf_
 depth renderbuffer for ssaoFbo
GLuint depthSceneRenderBuf_
 depth renderbuffer for sceneFbo
GLuint sceneBufTex_
 standard scene without a render target
GLuint downsampledTex_
 downsampled depth render target
GLuint downsampledTmpTex_
 downsampled temp rt for intermediate results
GLuint occlusionTex_
 occlusion render target
GLuint sceneFbo_
GLuint ssaoFbo_
GLuint blurFbo_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 135 of file SSAO.hh.

Member Data Documentation

GLuint SSAOPlugin::ViewerResources::blurFbo_

blurFbo for downsampling and gaussian blur filter attachment order: downsampled, downsampledTmp, occlusion

Definition at line 195 of file SSAO.hh.

GLuint SSAOPlugin::ViewerResources::sceneFbo_

sceneFbo for scene color rendering only (seperated for multisampling) attachment order: only scene color texture

Definition at line 187 of file SSAO.hh.

GLuint SSAOPlugin::ViewerResources::sceneNormalTex_

scene normal buffer render target R8G8B8 format

Definition at line 165 of file SSAO.hh.

GLuint SSAOPlugin::ViewerResources::ssaoFbo_

ssaoFbo for deferred rendering attachment order: depth, normal, occlusion

Definition at line 191 of file SSAO.hh.

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