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OpenMesh::VDPMSynthesizerViewerWidget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::VDPMSynthesizerViewerWidget:
MeshViewerWidgetT< M > QGLViewerWidget

Public Types

typedef MeshViewerWidget Base
- Public Types inherited from MeshViewerWidgetT< M >
typedef M Mesh
typedef OpenMesh::StripifierT
< Mesh > 
- Public Types inherited from QGLViewerWidget
typedef QGLWidget Super

Public Member Functions

 VDPMSynthesizerViewerWidget (QWidget *_parent=0, const char *_name=0)
void open_vd_prog_mesh (const char *_filename)
 open view-dependent progressive mesh
void adaptive_refinement ()
bool qrefine (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle)
void force_vsplit (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle)
bool ecol_legal (VHierarchyNodeHandle _parent_handle, VDPMMesh::HalfedgeHandle &v0v1)
void get_active_cuts (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle, VDPMMesh::VertexHandle &vl, VDPMMesh::VertexHandle &vr)
void vsplit (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle, VDPMMesh::VertexHandle vl, VDPMMesh::VertexHandle vr)
void ecol (VHierarchyNodeHandle _parent_handle, const VDPMMesh::HalfedgeHandle &v0v1)
void init_vfront ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MeshViewerWidgetT< M >
 MeshViewerWidgetT (QWidget *_parent=0)
 default constructor
 ~MeshViewerWidgetT ()
virtual bool open_mesh (const char *_filename, OpenMesh::IO::Options _opt)
 open mesh
virtual bool open_texture (const char *_filename)
 load texture
bool set_texture (QImage &_texsrc)
void enable_strips ()
void disable_strips ()
Mesh & mesh ()
const Mesh & mesh () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QGLViewerWidget
 QGLViewerWidget (QWidget *_parent=0)
 QGLViewerWidget (QGLFormat &_fmt, QWidget *_parent=0)
void set_scene_pos (const OpenMesh::Vec3f &_center, float _radius)
void view_all ()
QAction * add_draw_mode (const std::string &_s)
 add draw mode to popup menu, and return the QAction created
void del_draw_mode (const std::string &_s)
 delete draw mode from popup menu
const std::string & current_draw_mode () const
float radius () const
const OpenMesh::Vec3fcenter () const
const GLdouble * modelview_matrix () const
const GLdouble * projection_matrix () const
float fovy () const
QAction * findAction (const char *name)
void addAction (QAction *action, const char *name)
void removeAction (const char *name)
void removeAction (QAction *action)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void draw_scene (const std::string &_draw_mode)
 inherited drawing method
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MeshViewerWidgetT< M >
virtual void draw_openmesh (const std::string &_drawmode)
 draw the mesh
void glVertex (const typename Mesh::VertexHandle _vh)
void glVertex (const typename Mesh::Point &_p)
void glNormal (const typename Mesh::VertexHandle _vh)
void glTexCoord (const typename Mesh::VertexHandle _vh)
void glColor (const typename Mesh::VertexHandle _vh)
void glNormal (const typename Mesh::FaceHandle _fh)
void glColor (const typename Mesh::FaceHandle _fh)
void glMaterial (const typename Mesh::FaceHandle _fh, int _f=GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, int _m=GL_DIFFUSE)
void compute_strips (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QGLViewerWidget
double performance (void)
void setDefaultMaterial (void)
void setDefaultLight (void)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *)
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *)

Private Member Functions

bool outside_view_frustum (const OpenMesh::Vec3f &pos, float radius)
bool oriented_away (float sin_square, float distance_square, float product_value)
bool screen_space_error (float mue_square, float sigma_square, float distance_square, float product_value)
void update_viewing_parameters ()
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *_event)

Private Attributes

QString qFilename_
VHierarchy vhierarchy_
VFront vfront_
ViewingParameters viewing_parameters_
float kappa_square_
bool adaptive_mode_
unsigned int n_base_vertices_
unsigned int n_base_edges_
unsigned int n_base_faces_
unsigned int n_details_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from MeshViewerWidgetT< M >
bool f_strips_
GLuint tex_id_
GLint tex_mode_
OpenMesh::IO::Options opt_
Mesh mesh_
MyStripifier strips_
bool use_color_
bool show_vnormals_
bool show_fnormals_
float normal_scale_
< typename Mesh::Point

Detailed Description

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