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VSI::Vec3DWidget Class Reference

#include <Plugin-VSI/types/vec3dWidget.hh>

Inheritance diagram for VSI::Vec3DWidget:

Public Member Functions

 Vec3DWidget (QMap< QString, QString > &_hints, QString _typeName, QWidget *_parent=NULL)
 ~Vec3DWidget ()
QString toValue ()
 Convert current value to string.
void fromValue (QString _from)
 Read value from string.
void toDefault ()
 Reset to default.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VSI::TypeWidget
 TypeWidget (QMap< QString, QString > &_hints, QString _typeName, QWidget *_parent=NULL)
virtual ~TypeWidget ()

Private Slots

void editingFinished ()

Private Attributes

float current_ [3]
float default_ [3]
QLineEdit * fields_ [3]

Detailed Description

Widget to configure number inputs

Definition at line 67 of file vec3dWidget.hh.

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