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VSI::TypeWidget Class Referenceabstract

#include <Plugin-VSI/parser/typeWidget.hh>

Inheritance diagram for VSI::TypeWidget:
VSI::BoolWidget VSI::FilenameWidget VSI::Matrix4x4Widget VSI::NumWidget VSI::ObjectIdWidget VSI::SelectionWidget VSI::StringWidget VSI::Vec3DWidget VSI::Vec4DWidget

Public Member Functions

 TypeWidget (QMap< QString, QString > &_hints, QString _typeName, QWidget *_parent=NULL)
virtual ~TypeWidget ()
virtual QString toValue ()=0
 Return the type configuration result to a string.
virtual void fromValue (QString _from)=0
 Set configuration to the value of the given string.
virtual void toDefault ()=0
 reset the widget to default

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for a type configuration widget

Definition at line 65 of file typeWidget.hh.

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