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Remeshing::BaseRemesherT< Mesh > Class Template Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Remeshing::BaseRemesherT< Mesh >:
Remeshing::AdaptiveRemesherT< Mesh > Remeshing::UniformRemesherT< Mesh >

Public Types

typedef Mesh::Scalar Scalar
typedef Mesh::Point Point
typedef Mesh::EdgeHandle EdgeHandle
typedef Mesh::VertexHandle VertexHandle

Public Member Functions

 BaseRemesherT (Mesh &_mesh, ProgressEmitter *_progress=NULL)
void remesh (unsigned int _iters, unsigned int _area_iters, bool _use_projection=true, Selection _selection=VERTEX_SELECTION)

Protected Types

typedef OpenMeshTriangleBSPT< MeshBSP

Protected Member Functions

void prepare_vertex_selection ()
 prepare for remeshing only selected vertices (if no vertex was selected, remesh whole mesh)
void prepare_face_selection ()
 prepare for remeshing only vertices which are fully surrounded by selected faces (if no face was selected, remesh whole mesh)
void remeshh (unsigned int _iters, unsigned int _aiters, bool _proj)
void cleanup ()
virtual void init_reference ()
virtual void delete_reference ()
virtual void project_to_reference (VertexHandle _vh) const
void split_long_edges ()
void collapse_short_edges ()
void flip_edges ()
void tangential_smoothing (bool _use_projection)
void balanace_area (unsigned int _iters, bool _use_projection)
void remove_caps ()
virtual bool is_too_long (VertexHandle _v0, VertexHandle _v1) const =0
virtual bool is_too_short (VertexHandle _v0, VertexHandle _v1) const =0

Protected Attributes

bool nothing_selected_
OpenMesh::VPropHandleT< int > valences_
OpenMesh::VPropHandleT< Point > update_
OpenMesh::VPropHandleT< Scalar > area_

Detailed Description

template<class Mesh>
class Remeshing::BaseRemesherT< Mesh >

Definition at line 86 of file BaseRemesherT.hh.

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