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HexahedralMeshBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HexahedralMeshBase:

Protected Types

typedef OpenVolumeMesh::VertexHandle VertexHandle
typedef OpenVolumeMesh::HalfEdgeHandle HalfEdgeHandle
typedef OpenVolumeMesh::EdgeHandle EdgeHandle
typedef OpenVolumeMesh::HalfFaceHandle HalfFaceHandle
typedef OpenVolumeMesh::FaceHandle FaceHandle
typedef OpenVolumeMesh::CellHandle CellHandle

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetUp ()
virtual void TearDown ()
void generateHexahedralMesh (HexahedralMesh &_mesh)

Protected Attributes

HexahedralMesh mesh_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file unittests_common.hh.

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