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ACG::QtWidgets::QtSceneGraphWidget Class Reference

#include <ACG/QtWidgets/QtSceneGraphWidget.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ACG::QtWidgets::QtSceneGraphWidget:


class  Item
struct  StatusActions

Public Types

enum  Columns { Node, Type, Status, Mode }

Public Slots

void update (ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode *_rootNode)
 Update recursively from _rootNode on.
void expandAll ()
void updateAll ()


void signalNodeChanged (ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode *_node)

Public Member Functions

 QtSceneGraphWidget (QWidget *_parent=0, SceneGraph::BaseNode *_rootNode=0)
 default constructor
virtual ~QtSceneGraphWidget ()
bool addWidgetGenerator (SceneGraphWidgetGenerator *_generator)
 Add a node widget handler. More...
void setGeneratorMap (QMap< std::string, SceneGraphWidgetGenerator * > _map)
 Set a complete generator map (this will overwrite the existing one!

Private Slots

void slotItemPressed (QTreeWidgetItem *_item, int _col)
void slotItemExpandedOrCollapsed (QTreeWidgetItem *_item)
void slotNodeChanged (ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode *_node)
void slotModeMenu (QAction *_action)
void slotStatusMenu (QAction *_action)
void slotEditMaterial ()
void slotEditTexture ()
void slotEditShader ()
void slotEditClipPlanes ()
void slotEditCoordinateFrame ()

Private Member Functions

 QtSceneGraphWidget (const QtSceneGraphWidget &_rhs)
 copy constructor
QtSceneGraphWidgetoperator= (const QtSceneGraphWidget &_rhs)
 assignment operator
void update (SceneGraph::BaseNode *_node, Item *_parent)
 update _node
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *_event)
 key events
void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *_event)
 key events

Private Attributes

QMenu * modeMenu_
bool shiftPressed_
struct ACG::QtWidgets::QtSceneGraphWidget::StatusActions statusActions_
QMap< std::string, SceneGraphWidgetGenerator * > generatorMap_

Detailed Description

This class is used within the QtExaminerWidget to display and modify the current scenegraph.

See also

Definition at line 140 of file QtSceneGraphWidget.hh.

Member Function Documentation

bool ACG::QtWidgets::QtSceneGraphWidget::addWidgetGenerator ( SceneGraphWidgetGenerator _generator)

Add a node widget handler.

returns true, if the handler was sucessfully added.

Definition at line 572 of file

void ACG::QtWidgets::QtSceneGraphWidget::signalNodeChanged ( ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode _node)

This signal is emitted when the user changes a node through its node dialog

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