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SmootherObject Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

PerObjectDatacopyPerObjectData ()
 Copy Function. More...
void component (SmoothingComponent _comp)
void continuity (SmoothingContinuity _cont)
void distance (float _distance)
void features (bool _features)
void iterations (uint _iterations)
void initialized (bool _initialized)
SmoothingComponent component ()
SmoothingContinuity continuity ()
float distance ()
bool features ()
uint iterations ()
bool initialized ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PerObjectData
 PerObjectData ()
 You have to provide your own constructor for your object.

Private Types

typedef OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT< TriMesh >::Component SmoothingComponent
typedef OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT< TriMesh >::Continuity SmoothingContinuity

Private Attributes

SmoothingComponent component_
SmoothingContinuity continuity_
float distance_
bool respectFeatures_
uint iterations_
bool initialized_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file SmootherObject.hh.

Member Function Documentation

PerObjectData * SmootherObject::copyPerObjectData ( )

Copy Function.

You have to reimplement this function to allow the core to create a copies of your Object. By default it will return 0;

The function has to create a deep copy of the object, as it will also be used to create backups. If you use pointer inside your class, remember to not copy the pointer only but also the data!

Reimplemented from PerObjectData.

Definition at line 64 of file

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