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TriTraits Struct Reference

#include <ObjectTypes/TriangleMesh/TriangleMeshTypes.hh>

Inheritance diagram for TriTraits:

Public Types

typedef OpenMesh::Vec3d Point
 Use double precision points.
typedef OpenMesh::Vec3d Normal
 Use double precision Normals.
typedef OpenMesh::Vec4f Color
 Use RGBA Color.
- Public Types inherited from OpenMesh::DefaultTraits
typedef Vec3f Point
 The default coordinate type is OpenMesh::Vec3f.
typedef Vec3f Normal
 The default normal type is OpenMesh::Vec3f.
typedef float TexCoord1D
 The default 1D texture coordinate type is float.
typedef Vec2f TexCoord2D
 The default 2D texture coordinate type is OpenMesh::Vec2f.
typedef Vec3f TexCoord3D
 The default 3D texture coordinate type is OpenMesh::Vec3f.
typedef int TextureIndex
 The default texture index type.
typedef Vec3uc Color
 The default color type is OpenMesh::Vec3uc.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::DefaultTraits
 VertexAttributes (0)
 HalfedgeAttributes (Attributes::PrevHalfedge)
 EdgeAttributes (0)
 FaceAttributes (0)

Detailed Description

Traits for the Meshes ( Use request ... calls to add other standard properties or add them in the via add_property.. )
Dont add Properties here as they may prevent plugins from loading!!!!

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