Selected Topics in Computer Graphics


SS 2013





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Kick-off Meeting March 8 2013, 14:00–16:00 6317
Literature Research Course March 25 2013, 11:00–13:00 CS Library
Literature Research Course March 26 2013, 17:00–19:00 CS Library
Literature Research Course March 27 2013, 11:00–13:00 CS Library
Literature List Submission April 15 2013, 23:59 n/a
Preliminary Paper Deadline June 3 2013, 23:59 n/a
Good/Bad Presentation Demo - cancelled - n/a
Rehearsals July 12 2013 (make individual appointments) E3 118
Presentations July 18–19 2013, 9:00–17:00 E3 118
Final Paper Deadline July 26 2013, 23:59 n/a

The goal of the pro-seminar is to learn how to write a short paper about a specific topic, how to research scientific literature and how to prepare a talk about the topic. This pro-seminar in particular focuses on topics in computer graphics.

Computer graphics are used in a very wide range of applications. Geometry processing is used for CAD systems and simulations, for design and computation. Medical imaging techniques like CT and MRT use computer graphics algorithms to support medical personnel in making diagnoses. Video games need 3D models that have to be modeled and rendered. Movies and advertisements heavily rely on computer generated content to show pictures that would be too expensive or plain impossible to film in reality. Scientific visualizations and even the weather reports on TV employ computer graphics for displaying massive data sets. Modern handheld devices like tablets and smartphones have 3D graphics capabilities that allow for complex applications and games.

In this pro-seminar you will get a glimpse into most areas of computer graphics by dealing with a variety of selected scientific results from recent and not-so-recent years.


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