We are offering student jobs in numerous areas. Below is an (incomplete) list of currently open positions. Contact us directly to get informations on further available jobs.

Furthermore, we have some jobs to offer in the UROP program. UROP is the new Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme of RWTH Aachen University with the goal to give students from (potential) partner universities the opportunity to carry out their own projects on research-relevant topics, thereby supporting RWTH's research activities and the promotion of young academics within the university.

Geometry Processing Lecture Notes

We are looking for a student assistant (HiWi, e.g. 10h per week) to revise and update the lecture notes for our Geometry Processing lecture. For some topics, a draft version exists that needs to be revised and brought into compliance with the lecture schedule that slightly changed. For some other topics, sections need to be developed and written based on the recorded video lectures and direct discussion with your supervisor and Prof. Kobbelt whenever necessary. If you want to further deepen your knowledge in the field of Geometry Processing, and brush up your LaTeX and writing skills at the same time, this might be an interesting opportunity. An applicant should have
  • attended the Geometry Processing lecture
  • experience with LaTeX as well as vector graphics programs (e.g. InkScape)
  • good English writing skills
  • a desire to work rigorously and with attention to detail
If you are interested, please contact me at nehring-wirxel@cs.rwth-aachen.de.

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