Geometry Processing


SS 2017





ECTS 6 (V3/Ü2)


L²P, Campus, Campus (Tutorial), Campus (1st Exam), Campus (2nd Exam),


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Course Dates:




Lecture Tue, 12:15-13:45, starting April 25 AH V
Lecture Thu, 14:15-15:45, starting April 27 AH V
Tutorial Wed, 13:15–14:45, only April 26 AH II
Tutorial Wed, 13:15–14:45, starting May 3 118 (Seminar Room i8)
Exam (1st) August 3, 14:00 AH VI
Exam (2nd) September 18, 08:00 BS 312

In this lecture we look at different methods for processing the geometry of 3D surfaces. This lecture covers parts of the former Computer Graphics II lecture, focussing on the topics related to the processing of geometry.

We cover a selection of methods needed to obtain a nice-looking 3D surface of a real-world object and make further use of that data. We will discuss methods to triangulate Point data from 3D scanners. We will see how to employ methods of mesh optimization, to improve these meshes, i.e. reduce noise, reduce complexity, etc. Additionally, approaches to model and modify meshes and parametrization techniques for texturing or remeshing will be covered. Finally, we will see how to efficiently compress, store and transmit polygonal data.


  • Preliminary Lecture Notes, pp. beginning-107 (only accessible from within the RWTH network or via VPN)
  • Botsch, Kobbelt, Pauly, Alliez, Levy: Polygon Mesh Processing (website)

All downloadable material can be found in the L²P course room. Register via campus or send an email stating your name and matriculation number to geometry@cs.rwth-aachen.de.

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