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Course Dates:




Kickoff Meeting TBA Building E3, Room 118
Milestone I TBA Building E3, Room 118
Milestone II TBA Building E3, Room 118
Milestone III TBA Building E3, Room 118
Final Presentation TBA Building E3, Room 118


In this practical course, the students will implement graphics effects and some game mechanics. The resulting application will be a tech demo featuring graphics effects and mechanics that are typically seen in 3D video games. For the practical course there will be an initial kickoff meeting, three milestone meetings (distributed over the semester) and a final presentation.


  • Solid knowledge of C++ programming
  • Attended the lecture Basic Techniques in Computer Graphics
  • Strongly preferred: attended the lecture Real-time Graphics (We will however provide the slides and demos of that lecture)
  • Strongly preferred: Knowledge of OpenGL
  • Nice to have: attended Geometry Processing or Global Illumination and Image-based Rendering

Examples of what your team could implement

  • Graphics Effects like complex materials (e.g. relief mapping) and post processing effects (e.g. glow, deferred lighting, motion blur, reflection)
  • Procedural Generation of objects, scenes, and worlds
  • Precomputed Global Illumination (e.g. Precomputed Radiance Transfer)
  • Destructible terrain (either 3D or 2D with a 3D rendering)
  • Terrain Rendering with sophisticated level of detail techniques
  • Simulations (Fluids, Particles, Deformables, ...)
  • Physics Sandbox (like in the game Besiege)
  • Mesh cutting mechanics (like in the game Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance)

What we will provide:

  • GLOW - a very convenient OpenGL wrapper allowing for a smooth OpenGL experience
  • GLOW samples - implementations of several graphics effects
  • Slides and material from the Real-time Graphics lecture
  • Two frameworks which you can choose from (one is a basic Graphics application with input handling, the other contains additional content and an integration of the bullet physics engine)
  • Accounts for the machines in our lab (you are free to use your own computers though)

Examples from former GameProgramming courses

Image sources

  • Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance
  • Besiege
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