Basic Techniques in Computer Graphics (Aachen)

WS 2019
ECTS 6 (V3/Ü2)
Course Dates:
Lecture Tuesdays, 12:30 AH V
Lecture Thursdays, 10:30 AH V
Tutorial Tuesdays, 14:30 AH III


  • The first lecture is held on Thursday, Oct 10 at 10:30 in AH V.
  • The first tutorial takes place on Tuesday, Oct 15 at 14:30 in AH III.
  • There will be no tutorial on Tuesday, Oct 22.

This course is taught simultaneously in Aachen and Bonn. For information on the Bonn course, please refer to the other course page.


  • Geometry Representations
    • Polygonal Meshes
    • Volumetric Representations
    • Point Clouds
    • Free-Form Curves and Surfaces
    • Voronoi Diagrams
    • 3D Transformations
    • Spatial Optimization Structures
  • Perspective
    • Projections
    • Vanishing Points
  • Rendering Pipeline
    • Clipping
    • Polygon Triangulation
    • Rasterization
  • Global Illumination
    • Visibility Problem
    • Shadow Computation
    • Ray Tracing
    • Radiosity
  • Textures
  • Light and Shadow
  • Colors


  • Preliminary Lecture Notes (Part 1) (These do not cover the entire lecture! Download only accessible from within the RWTH network)
  • Preliminary Lecture Notes (Part 2) (Only parts of this are relevant for this lecture! Download only accessible from within the RWTH network)
  • Tomas Akenine-Möller et al.: Real-Time Rendering (3rd Edition). Taylor & Francis, 2008.
  • Alan Watt: 3D Computer Graphics (3rd Edition). Addison-Wesley, 1993.

Virtual Machine for Programming Assignments

For the rare case that your system does not meet the requirements to run our programming assignments, we prepared a virtual machine for you as a fallback. Please only use the machine as a last resort, since it has very limited performance! (OpenGL will be emulated in software.)

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