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WS 2012






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Introductory Meeting Jul 26, 2012 6317
Topic Deadline Aug 9, 2012
Topic Assignment Aug 10, 2012
Outline Deadline Oct 8, 2012
Outline Review Oct 15, 2012
Report Deadline Dec 16, 2012
Report Review Jan 14, 2012
(opt) Slides Rehearsal Jan 28-29, 2013 6317
Presentations Feb 4-6, 2013 6317
Revised Reports Deadline Mar 1, 2013

Computer Graphics and Geometry Processing are highly active research fields combining aspects of several areas of practical as well as theoretical Computer Science: For example, compact data structures and efficient algorithms are required for real-time renderings and simulations. The generation of photo-realistic images and visualizations is often derived from physical processes observed in the real world. The area of Geometry Processing is founded on classical results of mathematics and physics and directly reaches into typical engineering contexts. Hence, the topics covered in this seminar are among the most inter-disciplinary research fields in Computer Science.

The conferences with the strongest impact on the graphics world are SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, and Eurographics. In this seminar we will discuss results presented recently at those conferences with a focus on the most interesting and innovative ideas. Participating students have the chance to get familiar with state-of-the-art solutions to problems in Computer Graphics, Geometry Processing, Modeling, and Visualization and will gain interesting insights into the involved techniques.



  1. HeatWalk: Robust Salient Segmentation of Non-rigid Shapes -- Supervisor: HZ
  2. Flexible Developable Surfaces
  3. Shape-Up: Shaping Discrete Geometry with Projections -- Supervisor: HZ
  4. Global Parametrization by Incremental Flattening -- Supervisor: HZ
  5. Mixed-Integer Quadrangulation -- Supervisor: HZ
  6. Two-Scale Particle Simulation -- Supervisor: JF
  7. Interactive Sound Propagation using Compact Acoustic Transfer Operators -- Supervisor: JF
  8. Stich-meshes for Modeling Knitted Clothing with Yarn-Level Detail -- Supervisor: JF
  9. Subspace Video Stabilization -- Supervisor: JF
  10. Selectively De-Animating Video -- Supervisor: JF
  11. Real-time Realistic Rendering and Lighting of Forests -- Supervisor: JF
  12. Procedural Generation of Parcels in Urban Modeling -- Supervisor: JF
  13. Hand-Held Schlieren Photography with Light Field Probes -- Supervisor: JF
  14. Physically-Based Real-Time Lens Flare Rendering -- Supervisor: JF
  15. Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping for Dynamic Scenes -- Supervisor: JF
  16. An Algorithm for the Construction of Intrinsic Delaunay Triangulations with Applications to Digital Geometry Processing -- Supervisor: HZ
  17. Geometry of Multi-Layer Freeform Structures for Architecture -- Supervisor: HZ
  18. Overview: Triangle Mesh Smoothing: Laplacians, Diffusions and Flows. -- Supervisor: HZ
  19. Overview: State-of-the-Art in Automatic Computations of PolyCube Maps -- Supervisor: HZ
  20. Overview: Isosurface Extraction (with a focus on Dual Contouring) -- Supervisor: HZ
  21. Circular Arc Structures -- Supervisor: HZ
  22. Printing reflectance functions
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