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OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::ArrayKernelT< AttribKernel, FinalMeshItems > Class Template Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Tools/Kernel_OSG/ArrayKernelT.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::ArrayKernelT< AttribKernel, FinalMeshItems >:

Public Types

typedef ArrayKernelT< AttribKernel, FinalMeshItems > This
typedef OpenMesh::ArrayKernelT< AttribKernel, FinalMeshItems > Base
typedef Base::HasPrevHalfedge HasPrevHalfedge
typedef FinalMeshItems::Vertex Vertex
typedef FinalMeshItems::Halfedge Halfedge
typedef FinalMeshItems::Edge Edge
typedef FinalMeshItems::Face Face
typedef FinalMeshItems::Point Point
typedef FinalMeshItems::Normal Normal
typedef FinalMeshItems::Color Color
typedef FinalMeshItems::TexCoord TexCoord
typedef FinalMeshItems::Scalar Scalar
typedef std::vector< Vertex > VertexContainer
typedef std::vector< Edge > EdgeContainer
typedef std::vector< Face > FaceContainer
typedef VertexContainer::iterator KernelVertexIter
typedef VertexContainer::const_iterator KernelConstVertexIter
typedef EdgeContainer::iterator KernelEdgeIter
typedef EdgeContainer::const_iterator KernelConstEdgeIter
typedef FaceContainer::iterator KernelFaceIter
typedef FaceContainer::const_iterator KernelConstFaceIter

Public Member Functions

void set_halfedge_handle (VertexHandle _vh, HalfedgeHandle _heh)
void set_halfedge_handle (FaceHandle _fh, HalfedgeHandle _heh)
void set_next_halfedge_handle (HalfedgeHandle _heh, HalfedgeHandle _nheh)
void garbage_collection (bool _v=true, bool _e=true, bool _f=true)

Protected Member Functions

bool osg_sync (FaceHandle _fh)

Private Member Functions

bool osg_sync (FaceHandle _fh, GenProg::Bool2Type< true >)
bool osg_sync (FaceHandle _fh, GenProg::Bool2Type< false >)

Detailed Description

template<class AttribKernel, class FinalMeshItems>
class OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::ArrayKernelT< AttribKernel, FinalMeshItems >

Mesh kernel using arrays for mesh item storage.

This mesh kernel uses the OpenSG GeoProperties as container to store the mesh items.

You do not have to use this class directly, use the predefined mesh-kernel combinations in Predefined Mesh Types.

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