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OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty > Class Template Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Tools/Kernel_OSG/PropertyT.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty >:
OpenMesh::BaseProperty OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::FP::GeoIndicesUI32< IsTriMesh >

Public Types

typedef GeoProperty property_t
typedef property_t::PtrType property_ptr_t
typedef property_t::StoredFieldType field_t
typedef field_t::StoredType element_t
typedef field_t::StoredType value_type

Public Member Functions

 oPropertyT (property_ptr_t _geo_prop, const std::string &_name="<unknown>")
 oPropertyT (const std::string &_name="<unknown>")
oPropertyToperator= (const oPropertyT &_rhs)
virtual void reserve (size_t _n)
 Reserve memory for n elements.
virtual void resize (size_t _n)
 Resize storage to hold n elements.
virtual void push_back ()
 Extend the number of elements by one.
virtual void swap (size_t _i0, size_t _i1)
 Let two elements swap their storage place.
virtual oPropertyT< property_t > * clone () const
 Return a deep copy of self.
virtual void set_persistent (bool _yn)
virtual size_t n_elements () const
 Number of elements in property.
virtual size_t element_size () const
 Size of one element in bytes or UnknownSize if not known.
virtual size_t store (std::ostream &_ostr, bool _swap) const
 Store self as one binary block.
virtual size_t restore (std::istream &_istr, bool _swap)
void clear (void)
 Clear all elements and free memory.
property_ptr_t & osg_ptr ()
const property_ptr_t & osg_ptr () const
const element_t * data () const
element_t & operator[] (size_t idx)
const element_t & operator[] (size_t idx) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::BaseProperty
 BaseProperty (const std::string &_name="<unknown>")
 Default constructor. More...
 BaseProperty (const BaseProperty &_rhs)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~BaseProperty ()
virtual void copy (size_t _io, size_t _i1)=0
 Copy one element to another.
const std::string & name () const
 Return the name of the property.
virtual void stats (std::ostream &_ostr) const
bool persistent (void) const
 Returns true if the persistent flag is enabled else false.
virtual size_t size_of () const
 Return size of property in bytes.
virtual size_t size_of (size_t _n_elem) const

Protected Attributes

property_ptr_t data_

Private Member Functions

void osg_init_check (void)
 oPropertyT (const oPropertyT &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from OpenMesh::BaseProperty
static const size_t UnknownSize = size_t(-1)
 Indicates an error when a size is returned by a member.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::BaseProperty
template<typename T >
void check_and_set_persistent (bool _yn)

Detailed Description

template<typename GeoProperty>
class OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty >

Property adaptor for OpenSG GeoProperties

This class bridges the interfaces of OpenMesh properties and OpenSG GeoProperties. The PropertyKernelT uses these adaptors to add all necessary property functions to the kernel, while the AttribKernelT extends the kernel with the standard properites. Finally the ArrayKernelT completes the kernel build with a specialized version of the garbage collections since the GeoIndices require special handling.

Data will be shared with a geometry core when linking a mesh with a OpenSG geometry node using Kernel_OSG::bind.

Definition at line 92 of file PropertyT.hh.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename GeoProperty>
virtual size_t OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty >::restore ( std::istream &  _istr,
bool  _swap 

Restore self from a binary block. Uses reserve() to set the size of self before restoring.

Implements OpenMesh::BaseProperty.

Definition at line 180 of file PropertyT.hh.

template<typename GeoProperty>
virtual void OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty >::set_persistent ( bool  _yn)

Enable or disable persistency. Self must be a named property to enable persistency.

Implements OpenMesh::BaseProperty.

Definition at line 166 of file PropertyT.hh.

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