Heart Attack

Iraklis Dimitriadis, Daniel Hariri, Johannes Klöckner, Christopher Tenter
Our idea was to create a 3d pinball game focusing on human anatomy. Emphasis was laid on a more dynamic game environ- ment than in conventional pinball tables. This is mainly achieved by making use of certain graphics effects, that represent a dark hos- tile, yet playful environment.

The table itself consists of objects like a brain, a beating heart and several other organs. All in all it strongly resembles the internals of a human body.


Matthias Heinrichs, Maxim Jourenko, Aivar Kripsaar, Florian Langel, Felix Rath
Our objective was to build a pinball game in a 3D graphics engine, employing various methods and tricks to create an experience that is visually compelling, while also being entertaining from a gameplay perspective.

While a few gameplay events served to make the game less one- note, due to being restricted to pinball, most of the focus fell on making the visual presentation stand out. To this end, multiple graphics effects were used to create the image of an industrial dis- trict in a slightly dystopian futuristic city. Of prime importance were various lighting techniques, such as glow. Animated objects and sounds were then used on top of that to breathe a bit of life into an otherwise bleak environment.


Benjamin Hohlmann, Matthias Möller, Laurin Scholz
The objective was to develop a small but fun pinball game with some modern graphics effects. We went for a peaceful tropical is- land scene, because it’s something different then the usual pinball themes. We tried to fit everything into the scene, so the ball is launched by a cannon, points are displayed with coins and crab- claws work as flippers.

Our job was to create the game logic, graphical effects and models. We started from a simple ACGL scene using the Qt Framework, already including the physics engine bullet. Apart from the XML- file containing the scenegraph, the work was done in C++.

Srsly Wicked Pinball

Philip Trettner, Philipp Bartels, Theo Dreßen, Mateusz Buglowski, Michael Herwig
In this practical course, a pinball game was to be developed with a focus on the graphics and technical detail rather than the game- play. We implemented a variety of modern 3D effects and used the Bullet engine for complex rigid body physics. The pinball table is stored in a huge XML-file that contains the composition and ma- terial configuration of all 3D object as well as Lua-scripts that are responsible for a majority of gameplay elements.

Our game is set in a futuristic and surreal world consisting of metal- lic and crystal-like materials. Mysterious energies power the pinball table as well as a maelstrom of background objects.

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