ROVER 9000

Eric Béguet, Andreas Heuvels, Christian Janßen, Markus Schamberg, Paul Voigtlaender
projimg Our idea was to create a racing game with a Mars theme, because of the landing of the Mars rover ”Curiosity”. We wanted a competitive racing game, that can be played against others and is also visually appealing. The game is settled in the future where humans construct the first buildings on Mars. In a race against others, the player controls a Mars rover, and has to avoid meteorites which are falling on the track. To create our game we implemented techniques like instancing, motion blur, soft particles and shadow mapping. Additionally we support a two-player mode and AI challengers for a competitive gameplay.

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Miniature Madness

Christian Bormann, Daniel Peters, Dominik Studer, Jörn-Michael Miehe, Michael Anhuth
projimg Miniature Madness is a arcade racing game. The player is controlling a mini racing car on a map in the setting of a children’s room. In the racing mode the player tries to complete the map in the shortest time possible. There is also a free driving mode, where one can explore the map. To provide the player with the right feeling, our focus was on creating graphics effects supporting the atmosphere of the game.

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Harbor pursuit

Philipp Bock, Jonas Fortmann, Sabrina Kowarsch, Jochen Schmücking, Leon Staab
projimg The general task was to realize an intuitively playable mini game. The main interest was to implement fancy graphic effects such as bloom, HDR lighting and shadows. For our scenery we decided to situate the racing track in a harbor environment, because it offers a great amount of modeling possibilities. The racing game is partially taking place inside of a hangar. The implemented lighting effects contribute greatly to the transition between in and outdoor situations.

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