Kepler NXT 13

Karsten Ansteeg, Christian Mattes, Florian Wehling, Moritz Werthebach
In this year’s practical course our task was to develop a jump and fly game. The course was hosted by the chair of computer graphics (i8) and kindly assisted by Ming Li, Dominik Sibbing and Jan Robert Menzel. Our team, referred to as ”Group F”, consisted of four students: Karsten Ansteeg, Christian Mattes, Florian Wehling and Moritz Wertebach. This paper is intended to review and recapitulate the stages of this practical course.


Lukas Saretzki, Christian Schmidt, Frederik Engels
LostFlying is a Jump’n’Fly game in which the player controls a robot in levels consisting of five parallel lanes. You have to reach the end of the map by collecting coins, avoiding cacti and jumping over holes. Further more the levels can be edited via a png-file to create your own levels and to customize the difficulty. The above figure shows a view over a level.


Julius Elias, Oliver Major, Adrian Niewiadomski, Kai Schmitz
Naspar is a jump’n’fly game that was developed to train some basics of game programing and computer graphics. In the game you steer a spaceship with your mouse over an obstacle course to reach the goal as fast as possible while collecting powerups and score bonuses.


Jan Dreier, Denis Golovin, Moritz Ibing, Simon Grätzer, Jan Garcia
TubeRacer is an interactive 3D action game. The player flies in a spaceship along a tube that runs through space. On the tube are various objects you can interact with (speed-boosts, items, obstacles). Goal of the game is to survive as long as possible.

Space Tunnel

Oliver Ney, Phillip Kessels, Cedric Fokam Fekam, Lucian Poth
Our main idea of the game is based on a scene from the Star Wars movie where the Death Star has to be destroyed. While we had to create a Jump’N’Fly Game we thought that this might give us a nice content to work with. So the goal of the game is to fly as far as possible through a canyon and to avoid obstacles and laser cannons. To make it easier through the tunnel it is also possible to pick up some powerups which might give you some health back, a shield or ammunition. The following paper will contain our workflow from the beginning of the project until the final result.

The Mole Project

Jonas Nagy-Kuhlen, Lukas Prediger, Adam Malatenski
The objective of this pro-practical was to develop a jump’n’fly game in which the player controls a vehicle that follows a given track and tries to avoid several obstacles. We freely adapted this idea and abandoned the jump as well as the fly part. The player controls a mining vehicle in a cylindrical tunnel. The vehicle is equipped with a drill to collect crystals while avoiding stalagmites which have crushed through the tunnel’s walls. Due to special grip of the wheels, the vehicle can travel freely on the tunnel’s surface but is not able to lose contact to the ground. We decided to implement a comic-like look achieved by drawing black outlines around objects. Furthermore, we emphasized the cold and dark tunnel atmosphere by use of light and darkness. That is the reason why we applied dim ambient light and bright light spots on the vehicle as well as some local point lights along the track.

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