Aachen Street Racing Game

Michael Lellmann, Slava Belopolski
In this paper we present a racing game through the streets of Aachen. The game takes place in the center of Aachen where you drive through the walking area around the city. It is a single-player racing game.

Terminator Land

Arun Ravi, Ercan Yalvac, Hongrui Deng, Sergei Krestianskov, Weiyue Wang
This paper briefly describes the development of a whale/first-person shooter called Terminator Land (see Figure 1). The idea of the game was basically to create something close to a First Person Shooter that would include the fun of shooting, the challenge of aggressive enemies and the excitement of controller free gameplay. This report very briefly describes the development process as well as the graphical methodologies implemented in the game.

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