Arcade Racer

Lisa Mannel, Thomas Prinz, Alexander Schmidt
In our game ”Arcade Racer” the player controls a car driving through a natural environment. The aim is to reach a sequence of checkpoints as fast as possible to create a new highscore. The best highscore is represented by a ghost car, which mimics the behavior of the player who set up that score. There are several obstacles such as trees or mountains, as well as different ground types, that change the cars behavior or even destroy it. To keep the game interesting, new randomized maps can be created.

Shadow Game

Stefan Rakel, Patrick Schmidt, Georg Groß
In this year’s practical course Developing an Arcade Game we were given the task to develop a game from scratch. Our game called Shadow Game implements various sophisticated technologies which are presented briefly in the following sections. These sections are divided into graphics, game logics and editing tools.


Sandra Hicks, Simon Hütz, Philipp Rainisch
This report is about the game 'Catness', which was developed in this year’s practical course. The principle of the game is to play a hungry cat which tries to catch mice in a labyrinth. The goal is to catch as many mice as possible in a limited time. Life can be made either easier or harder by collecting powerups - this depends on your luck.

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