Virtual Workshop

Rizwan Ali, Bastian Jonas, Jonathan Wendt, Florian Wehling
"Virtual Workshop" is a virtual reality game for the iPhone. Based on a hand-detection, position- and orientation tracking system you can solve physic-based puzzles in a virtual 3D scene. For maximum immersion-effect, the game is meant to be played with 3D stereoscopic VR glasses.

Shattered Star - The Gathering

David Erler, Joachim Herber, Eugen Seljutin, Leon Staab
With the current trend in stereoscopic games, our task was to create a 3D-game for the Apple iPhone in combination with a Dive VR device. We chose to develop a game which, unlike other stereoscopic games which try to shock the player with horror elements or quick action loaded rides, relaxes him. Warm colors and a special low-poly look, combined with lovely level design within a natural scene, provide the ideal conditions to take a break from a hard working day.

First Contact

Deniz Bicer, Raheel Yawar, Ali Arslan
The purposed of the project was to create a narrative based walkthough simulator virtual reality game. The game used the Dive VR gear with an iPhone as a platform. The control input was through a standard bluetooth controller. The game progressed by player interaction with specific objects in the virtual environment. Audio narrations provided the player with clues on how to proceed. Graphical effects such as shadows, lights, bloom and anti-aliasing were implemented. They were chosen according to the needs of the interactive story in the virtual environment.

Boo Hunters

Jose Mínguez, Gökay Baytekin
The concept of the game is to catch invisible ghosts using a scanner. The scanner slowly makes a detected ghost visible. When the ghost is fully visible, it is catched.


Nico Linder, Vivian Huff, Jonathan Müller, Timo Gervens, Benjamin Roth, Hendrik Gruss
The main goal of our practical course was to develop a virtual reality game for the Durovis Dive by creating an iOS application. We decided to make a 3D point and click adventure playing in an atmospheric setting. In our game, you are trapped in an empty house and must escape. On your way you will have some scary encounters. Will you get out?

Snowboard Game

Melvin Bender, Julian Steinsberger-Duehrssen, Dominick Holman, Deniz Kesmez, Lavinia Goldermann
The task of this practical course was the development of a game for the IPhone 6 and the Dive Glasses. We decided to develop a snowbording game, controled only by head movement. The goal is to get as much points as possible in the given time by collecting coins and power ups and avoiding obstacles like trees.


Oliver Kuckertz, Timothy Blut, Kevin Diehl, Karl Mertens, Arthur Drichel, Malte Modlich
FrequencyShift is a cross-platform, multi-player shooter game developed for the practical course “Dive into Mobile VR/AR Games”. The basic game idea was to develop a virtual version of the game laser tag. In order to make the game graphically challenging and require more tactic during gameplay in comparison to common shooter games, game world objects and players are each assigned a frequency, encoded as color, which influences transparency and collision testing. For example, figure 1 shows the same world from three different frequencies. Note how the laser collides only with objects that match its color. In this paper, the development process, software structure and relevant implementation details of FrequencyShift are explained.

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