Poster: flapAssist: How the Integration of VR and Visualization Tools Fosters the Factory Planning Process

Sascha Gebhardt, Sebastian Pick, Hanno Voet, Julian Utsch, Toufik Al Khawli, Urs Eppelt, Rudolf Reinhard, Christian B├╝scher, Bernd Hentschel, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen
Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality Conference (2015)

Virtual Reality (VR) systems are of growing importance to aid decision support in the context of the digital factory, especially factory layout planning. While current solutions either focus on virtual walkthroughs or the visualization of more abstract information, a solution that provides both, does currently not exist. To close this gap, we present a holistic VR application, called Factory Layout Planning Assistant (flapAssist). It is meant to serve as a platform for planning the layout of factories, while also providing a wide range of analysis features. By being scalable from desktops to CAVEs and providing a link to a central integration platform, flapAssist integrates well in established factory planning workflows.

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