Human Factors in Information Visualization and Decision Support Systems

André Calero Valdez, Philipp Brauner, Martina Ziefle, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen, Michael Sedlmair
Mensch und Computer 2016

With the increase in data availability and data volume it becomes increasingly important to extract information and actionable knowledge from data. Information Visualization helps the user to understand data by utilizing vision as a relatively parallel input channel to the user’s mind. Decision Support systems on the other hand help users in making information actionable, by suggesting beneficial decisions and presenting them in context. Both fields share a common need for understanding the interface between the computer and the human. This makes human factors research critical for both fields. Understanding limitations of human perception, cognition and action, as well as their variance must be understood to fully leverage information visualization and decision support. This article reflects on research agendas for investigating human factors in the aforementioned fields.

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