Design and Evaluation of a Free-Hand VR-based Authoring Environment for Automated Vehicle Testing

Sevinc Eroglu, Frederic Stefan, Alain Chevalier, Daniel Roettger, Daniel Zielasko, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen, Benjamin Weyers
IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces 2021

Virtual Reality is increasingly used for safe evaluation and validation of autonomous vehicles by automotive engineers. However, the design and creation of virtual testing environments is a cumbersome process. Engineers are bound to utilize desktop-based authoring tools, and a high level of expertise is necessary. By performing scene authoring entirely inside VR, faster design iterations become possible. To this end, we propose a VR authoring environment that enables engineers to design road networks and traffic scenarios for automated vehicle testing based on free-hand interaction. We present a 3D interaction technique for the efficient placement and selection of virtual objects that is employed on a 2D panel. We conducted a comparative user study in which our interaction technique outperformed existing approaches regarding precision and task completion time. Furthermore, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the system by a qualitative user study with domain experts.

Nominated for the Best Paper Award.

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