Listening to, and remembering conversations between two talkers: Cognitive research using embodied conversational agents in audiovisual virtual environments

Janina Fels, Cosima A. Ermert, Jonathan Ehret, Chinthusa Mohanathasan, Andrea Bönsch, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen, Sabine Janina Schlittmeier
DAGA 2021 - 47. Jahrestagung für Akustik
Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2021
Herausgeberin: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V. (DEGA), Berlin, 2021
Wissenschaftliche Edition: Holger Waubke und Peter Balazs
ISBN: 978-3-939296-18-8
Online-Publikation, Zugangsdaten auf Anfrage bei tagungen@dega-akustik.de

In the AUDICTIVE project about listening to, and remembering the content of conversations between two talkers we aim to investigate the combined effects of potentially performance-relevant but scarcely addressed audiovisual cues on memory and comprehension for running speech. Our overarching methodological approach is to develop an audiovisual Virtual Reality testing environment that includes embodied Virtual Agents (VAs). This testing environment will be used in a series of experiments to research the basic aspects of audiovisual cognitive performance in a close(r)-to-real-life setting. We aim to provide insights into the contribution of acoustical and visual cues on the cognitive performance, user experience, and presence as well as quality and vibrancy of VR applications, especially those with a social interaction focus. We will study the effects of variations in the audiovisual ’realism’ of virtual environments on memory and comprehension of multi-talker conversations and investigate how fidelity characteristics in audiovisual virtual environments contribute to the realism and liveliness of social VR scenarios with embodied VAs. Additionally, we will study the suitability of text memory, comprehension measures, and subjective judgments to assess the quality of experience of a VR environment. First steps of the project with respect to the general idea of AUDICTIVE are presented.

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