Poster: Insite Pipeline - A Pipeline Enabling In-Transit Processing for Arbor, NEST and TVB

Marcel Krüger, Tim Gerrits, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen, Benjamin Weyers
HBP Summit 2023

Simulation of neuronal networks has steadily advanced and now allows for larger and more complex models. However, scaling simulations to such sizes comes with issues and challenges.Especially the amount of data produced, as well as the runtime of the simulation, can be limiting.Often, storing all data on disk is impossible, and users might have to wait for a long time until they can process the data.A standard solution in simulation science is to use in-transit approaches.In-transit implementations allow users to access data while the simulation is still running and do parallel processing outside the simulation.This allows for early insights into the results, early stopping of simulations that are not promising, or even steering of the simulations.Existing in-transit solutions, however, are often complex to integrate into the workflow as they rely on integration into simulators and often use data formats that are complex to handle.This is especially constraining in the context of multi-disciplinary research conducted in the HBP, as such an important feature should be accessible to all users.

To remedy this, we developed Insite, a pipeline that allows easy in-transit access to simulation data of multiscale simulations conducted with TVB, NEST, and Arbor.

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