DasherVR: Evaluating a Predictive Text Entry System in Immersive Virtual Reality

Sebastian Pape, Jan Jakub Ackermann, Tim Weissker, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen
Towards an Inclusive and Accessible Metaverse Workshop at CHI'23

Inputting text fluently in virtual reality is a topic still under active research, since many previously presented solutions have drawbacks in either speed, error rate, privacy or accessibility. To address these drawbacks, in this paper we adapted the predictive text entry system "Dasher" into an immersive virtual environment. Our evaluation with 20 participants shows that Dasher offers a good user experience with input speeds similar to other virtual text input techniques in the literature while maintaining low error rates. In combination with positive user feedback, we therefore believe that DasherVR is a promising basis for further research on accessible text input in immersive virtual reality.

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