Poster: Whom Do You Follow? Pedestrian Flows Constraining the User’s Navigation during Scene Exploration

Andrea Bönsch, Lukas B. Zimmermann, Jonathan Ehret, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen
23rd ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents

In this work-in-progress, we strive to combine two wayfinding techniques supporting users in gaining scene knowledge, namely (i) the River Analogy, in which users are considered as boats automatically floating down predefined rivers, e.g., streets in an urban scene, and (ii) virtual pedestrian flows as social cues indirectly guiding users through the scene. In our combined approach, the pedestrian flows function as rivers. To navigate through the scene, users leash themselves to a pedestrian of choice, considered as boat, and are dragged along the flow towards an area of interest. Upon arrival, users can detach themselves to freely explore the site without navigational constraints. We briefly outline our approach, and discuss the results of an initial study focusing on various leashing visualizations.

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