Audiovisual Coherence: Is Embodiment of Background Noise Sources a Necessity?

Jonathan Ehret, Andrea Bönsch, Isabel Sarah Schiller, Carolin Breuer, Lukas Aspöck, Janina Fels, Sabine Janina Schlittmeier, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen
To be presented at Workshop on Virtual Humans and Crowds in Immersive Environments (VHCIE) at IEEE Virtual Reality 2024

Exploring the synergy between visual and acoustic cues in virtual reality (VR) is crucial for elevating user engagement and perceived (social) presence. We present a study exploring the necessity and design impact of background sound source visualizations to guide the design of future soundscapes. To this end, we immersed n = 27 participants using a head-mounted display (HMD) within a virtual seminar room with six virtual peers and a virtual female professor. Participants engaged in a dual-task paradigm involving simultaneously listening to the professor and performing a secondary vibrotactile task, followed by recalling the heard speech content. We compared three types of background sound source visualizations in a within-subject design: no visualization, static visualization, and animated visualization. Participants’ subjective ratings indicate the importance of animated background sound source visualization for an optimal coherent audiovisual representation, particularly when embedding peer-emitted sounds. However, despite this subjective preference, audiovisual coherence did not affect participants’ performance in the dual-task paradigm measuring their listening effort.

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