Try This for Size: Multi-Scale Teleportation in Immersive Virtual Reality

Tim Weissker, Matthis Franzgrote, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen
2024 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

The ability of a user to adjust their own scale while traveling through virtual environments enables them to inspect tiny features being ant-sized and to gain an overview of the surroundings as a giant. While prior work has almost exclusively focused on steering-based interfaces for multi-scale travel, we present three novel teleportation-based techniques that avoid continuous motion flow to reduce the risk of cybersickness. Our approaches build on the extension of known teleportation workflows and suggest specifying scale adjustments either simultaneously with, as a connected second step after, or separately from the user’s new horizontal position. The results of a two-part user study with 30 participants indicate that the simultaneous and connected specification paradigms are both suitable candidates for effective and comfortable multi-scale teleportation with nuanced individual benefits. Scale specification as a separate mode, on the other hand, was considered less beneficial. We compare our findings to prior research and publish the executable of our user study to facilitate replication and further analyses.

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