Late-Breaking Report: VR-CrowdCraft: Coupling and Advancing Research in Pedestrian Dynamics and Social Virtual Reality

Andrea Bönsch, Maik Boltes, Anna Sieben, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen
to be presented at: IEEE Virtual Humans and Crowds for Immersive Environments (VHCIE), 2024

VR-CrowdCraft is a newly formed interdisciplinary initiative, dedicated to the convergence and advancement of two distinct yet interconnected research fields: pedestrian dynamics (PD) and social virtual reality (VR). The initiative aims to establish foundational workflows for a systematic integration of PD data obtained from real-life experiments, encompassing scenarios ranging from smaller clusters of approximately ten individuals to larger groups comprising several hundred pedestrians, into immersive virtual environments (IVEs), addressing the following two crucial goals: (1) Advancing pedestrian dynamic analysis and (2) Advancing virtual pedestrian behavior: authentic populated IVEs and new PD experiments. The LBR presentation will focus on goal 1.

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