Poster: Visualizing Geothermal Simulation Data with Uncertainty

Sebastian Freitag, Bernd Hentschel, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen, Jan Niederau, Christian Vogt, Anozie Ebigbo, Gabriele Marquart
Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization (2014)

Simulations of geothermal reservoirs inherently contain uncertainty due to the fact that the underlying physical models are created from sparse data. Moreover, this uncertainty often cannot be completely expressed by simple key measures (e.g., mean and standard deviation), as the distribution of possible values is often not unimodal. Nevertheless, existing visualizations of these simulation data often completely neglect displaying the uncertainty, or are limited to a mean/variance representation. We present an approach to visualize geothermal simulation data that deals with both cases: scalar uncertainties as well as general ensembles of data sets. Users can interactively define two-dimensional transfer functions to visualize data and uncertainty values directly, or browse a 2D scatter plot representation to explore different possibilities in an ensemble.

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