Poster: Hyperslice Visualization of Metamodels for Manufacturing Processes

Sascha Gebhardt, Bernd Hentschel, Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen, Toufik Al Khawli, Wolfgang Schulz
Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization (2013)

In modeling and simulation of manufacturing processes, complex models are used to examine and understand the behavior and properties of the product or process. To save computation time, global approximation models, often referred to as metamodels, serve as surrogates for the original complex models. Such metamodels are difficult to interpret, because they usually have multi-dimensional input and output domains. We propose a hyperslice-based visualization approach, that uses hyperslices in combination with direct volume rendering, training point visualization, and gradient trajectory navigation, that helps in understanding such metamodels. Great care was taken to provide a high level of interactivity for the exploration of the data space.

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