ProFi: Design and Evaluation of a Product Finder in a Supermarket Scenario

Ming Li, Katrin Arning, Luisa Bremen, Oliver Sack, Martina Ziefle, Leif Kobbelt
Workshop on Pervasive Technologies in Retail Environments (PeTRE13) in conjunction with UbiComp 2013

This paper presents the design and evaluation of ProFi, a PROduct FInding assistant in a supermarket scenario. We explore the idea of micro-navigation in supermarkets and aim at enhancing visual search processes in front of a shelf. In order to assess the concept, a prototype is built combining visual recognition techniques with an Augmented Reality interface. Two AR patterns (circle and spotlight) are designed to highlight target products. The prototype is formally evaluated in a controlled environment. Quantitative and qualitative data is collected to evaluate the usability and user preference. The results show that ProFi significantly improves the users’ product finding performance, especially when using the circle, and that ProFi is well accepted by users.

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