ACTUI: Using Commodity Mobile Devices to Build Active Tangible User Interfaces

Ming Li, Leif Kobbelt
MobileHCI '15. 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services

We present the prototype design for a novel user interface, which extends the concept of tangible user interfaces from mostly specialized hardware components and studio deployment to commodity mobile devices in daily life. Our prototype enables mobile devices to be components of a tangible interface where each device can serve as both, a touch sensing display and as a tangible item for interaction. The only necessary modification is the attachment of a conductive 2D touch pattern on each device. Compared to existing approaches, our Active Commodity Tangible User Interfaces (ACTUI) can display graphical output directly on their built-in display paving the way to a plethora of innovative applications where the diverse combination of local and global active display area can significantly enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of the interaction. We explore two exemplary application scenarios where we demonstrate the potential of ACTUI.

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