Sparse Recovery with Integrality Constraints

Jan-Hendrik Lange, Marc Pfetsch, Bianca Seib, Andreas Tillmann

In this paper, we investigate conditions for the unique recoverability of sparse integer-valued signals from few linear measurements. Both the objective of minimizing the number of nonzero components, the so-called L0-norm, as well as its popular substitute, the L1-norm, are covered. Furthermore, integer constraints and possible bounds on the variables are investigated. Our results show that the additional prior knowledge of signal integrality allows for recovering more signals than what can be guaranteed by the established recovery conditions from (continuous) compressed sensing. Moreover, even though the considered problems are NP-hard in general (even with an L1-objective), we investigate testing the L0-recovery conditions via some numerical experiments; it turns out that the corresponding problems are quite hard to solve in practice. However, medium-sized instances of L0- and L1-minimization with binary variables can be solved exactly within reasonable time.

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