Interactive Curve Constrained Functional Maps

Anne Gehre, Michael Bronstein, Leif Kobbelt, Justin Solomon
Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2018

Functional maps have gained popularity as a versatile framework for representing intrinsic correspondence between 3D shapes using algebraic machinery. A key ingredient for this framework is the ability to find pairs of corresponding functions (typically, feature descriptors) across the shapes. This is a challenging problem on its own, and when the shapes are strongly non-isometric, nearly impossible to solve automatically. In this paper, we use feature curve correspondences to provide flexible abstractions of semantically similar parts of non-isometric shapes. We design a user interface implementing an interactive process for constructing shape correspondence, allowing the user to update the functional map at interactive rates by introducing feature curve correspondences. We add feature curve preservation constraints to the functional map framework and propose an efficient numerical method to optimize the map with immediate feedback. Experimental results show that our approach establishes correspondences between geometrically diverse shapes with just a few clicks.

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