An Incremental Approach to Feature Aligned Quad Dominant Remeshing

Yu-Kun Lai, Leif Kobbelt, Shi-Min Hu
ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling 2008

In this paper we present a new algorithm which turns an unstructured triangle mesh into a quad-dominant mesh with edges aligned to the principal directions of the underlying geometry. Instead of computing a globally smooth parameterization or integrating curvature lines along a tangent vector field, we simply apply an iterative relaxation scheme which incrementally aligns the mesh edges to the principal directions. The quad-dominant mesh is eventually obtained by dropping the not-aligned diagonals from the triangle mesh. A post-processing stage is introduced to further improve the results. The major advantage of our algorithm is its conceptual simplicity since it is merely based on elementary mesh operations such as edge collapse, flip, and split. The resulting meshes exhibit a very good alignment to surface features and rather uniform distribution of mesh vertices. This makes them very well-suited, e.g., as Catmull-Clark Subdivision control meshes.

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