Open Flipper

OpenFlipper is an OpenSource multi-platform application and programming framework designed for processing, modeling and rendering of geometric data. Currently supported platforms are Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Using OpenMesh a variety of file formats are supported ( off, obj, ply, ... ).

Additionally OpenFlipper provides a highly flexible interface for creating and testing own geometry processing algorithms. A powerfull scripting language can be used to access all parts of OpenFlipper and modify geometry or the user interface at runtime.

For more information about OpenFlipper and its features take a look at the Introduction page.



This release includes the latest improvements of OpenMesh. Next to the old scripting system a new python based scriptng has been integrated. The old system will be removed in a future release.

Several bugs have been fixed and the OpenGL detection has been improved to better detect the optimal OpenGL setup

Dec. 13, 2019


This major release contains a large number of updates and might break some previous plugins.

The updated rendering infrastructure now supports OpenGL core profiles. Furthermore a new python scripting environment has been integrated that will replace the old QtScript system in the future.

Several components of the build system have been updated to speed up configuration and build of OpenFlipper.

We also integrated glew directly into the source and removed glut completely to simplify the build process. Therefore we now only depend on Qt to build OpenFlipper.

There is also a large set of updates to the plugins. For detail, please refer to the Changelog.

March 5, 2019


This release contains mostly bugfixes and some fixes to support more recent compilers. Furthermore we added the latest versions of OpenMesh and OpenVolumeMesh.

This will be the last release supporting C++98 only compilers. The next release will require a C++11 enabled compiler. Next to this, we will stop supporting Qt4 with the next release.

A full changelog is available via: Changelog

Oct. 12, 2016

OpenFlipper 3.0

This release switches OpenFlippers license to BSD-3.

There have been a large set of improvements, new features and bugfixes which are included in this release. A full changelog is available via: Changelog

July 13, 2016

License change

The OpenFlipper License has been changed to 3-Clause BSD. This allows even more flexible usage of the framework without license issues. Please note that this change is currently only in the git repository. The next release will include the new license. In the meantime you can use the daily builds or compile from git source.

April 27, 2016

OpenFlipper moved to git

We changed the source code managment system from svn to git. The svn will still be up for some time but no updates will be made anymore. The public git repository can be used via this URL:


Furthermore we use gitlab for issue tracking which can be found here: Gitlab

Nov. 17, 2015
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