Frequently Asked Questions

My Plugins fail to load at startup

The most common reason for plugins not being loaded is that something is wrong with required libraries. You can not mix debug and release libraries. If you do, plugins using them will fail to load.

No translation with mouse on mac os

Under mac os the default mouse settings only include one mouse button which is used by OpenFlipper to apply rotations.

To get all functions, go to your systems mouse settings and set the right click as secondary button and the middle button to button 3.

Crashes related to Debug and Release versions

OpenFlipper and especially Qt below it, may not work correctly when debug and release versions of the libraries get mixed. For example using release version of qwt but debug version of OpenFlipper while usually cause plugins to fail at startup or crash while the program is running.

OpenFlipper does not Build

We try to support as many operating systems and their versions as possible (By automatic builds, unit tests,...). Due to the large number of operating system and library versions, there might still be some, that don't work yet. If you encounter build problems, first try the latest git version, as it contains all up to date fixes. If it still does not work, please report a bug via our bug tracking system.

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