What is OpenFlipper?

OpenFlipper is an OpenSource multi-platform application and programming framework designed for processing, modeling and rendering of geometric data.

On the one hand OpenFlipper is an easy to use application for modifying and processing geometry. On the other hand OpenFlipper is a powerful framework allowing researchers to focus on their primary work and not having to write their own viewer or user interaction.

OpenFlipper will work on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. We provide the same user interface and functionality on all platforms. Basic selection metaphors, a smoother, a decimater and many other algorithms are already included. As we make use of OpenMesh for our surface representation we support a variety of different file formats( off, obj, ply, ... ).

For developers OpenFlipper provides a highly flexible interface for creating and testing own geometry processing algorithms. Basic functionality like rendering, selection and a lot of user interaction is provided by the system which significantly reduces the coding effort for developing new geometry processing algorithms. A scripting language can be used to access all parts of OpenFlipper and modify geometry or the user interface at runtime. This way developers can automatically test their algorithms with different parameters, take snapshots and compare the results just by using small scripts.

Due to the multi platform system developers can reach a large group of users without having to change any line of code.

OpenFlipper loads binary modules at runtime, so developers can easily hand out plugins without having to publish their source code.

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