We are offering student jobs in numerous areas. Below is an (incomplete) list of currently open positions. Contact us directly to get informations on further available jobs.

Furthermore, we have some jobs to offer in the UROP program. UROP is the new Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme of RWTH Aachen University with the goal to give students from (potential) partner universities the opportunity to carry out their own projects on research-relevant topics, thereby supporting RWTH's research activities and the promotion of young academics within the university.

Student Assistant: VR Assistant for Ludwig Forum Exhibition

The Ludwig Forum for International Art is looking for students helping to run VR installations at the exhibition "Lust der Täuschung". The exhibition shows works of e.g. Chris Milk, ToastVR and Laurie Anderson.

The position is offered as a "mini job" to open and friendly students, who are interested in supervising VR installations during the exhibition. Tasks include providing help and explanations to attendees as well as solving minor technical problems. Prior experience with VR devices is a plus, however not mandatory. Applicants have to be enrolled as a student at RWTH Aachen university within the respective time frame.

The Exhibition opens on February 21st 2019 and ends on June 30th 2019. The average workload per week is 5 hours, distributed over Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, in shifts of approximately three hours between 11am and 5pm (Thursdays until 20pm). The salary will be the usual RWTH wage for student workers.



Student Assistant: Virtual Reality Application Development

We are looking for a student to aid in the development of research applications in the area of Virtual Reality. The range of potential topics is diverse and will be chosen depending on current project requirements as well as the applicant's skills and interest.

Possible topics

  • Navigation in the virtual environment via redirected walking
  • Scene reconstruction from laser-scan data and integration into VR
  • Improve material and rendering quality of reconstructed 3D models
  • Content authoring and modeling for VR applications


  • Intermediate knowledge of C++
  • Intermediate knowledge of a 3D graphics API (OpenGL/Vulkan)
  • Attended the Basic Techniques in Computer Graphics lecture
  • Strong self-motivation and ability to work independently


  • Experience with Unreal Engine / Unity 3D
  • Experience with 3D modeling tools
  • Attended the Geometry Processing lecture


  • As soon as possible
  • Weekly hours: 8-12 within the first three months (up to 19 later, if desired)
  • Longer lasting collaboration would be desirable

Patric Schmitz, M.Sc.

Student Assistant: Maintenance of Lecture Notes

We are looking for students to help maintain and expand our lecture notes for the Basic Techniques, Geometry Processing, and Global Illumination courses. This job may involve re-attending the respective lectures for note-taking in order to keep the typeset lecture notes up-to-date and complete.

  • having attended and passed the respective course(s) with excellent results
  • fluent in English with a clear and simple writing style
  • solid knowledge of typesetting in LaTeX, preferably also with TikZ

Janis Born, M.Sc.

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