An OpenSource multi-platform application and programming framework designed for processing, modeling and rendering of geometric data.

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A generic and efficient data structure for representing and manipulating polygonal meshes.

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A generic and versatile index-based data structure for polytopal meshes. OpenVolumeMesh is a data structure for the comfortable handling of arbitrary polytopal meshes. Its concepts are closely related to OpenMesh.

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CoMISo - Constrained Mixed-Integer Solver
A handy solver for optimizing discrete quadratic energies subject to linear and integer constraints, performing proper elimination of the constraints, while relieving the user of cumbersome re-indexing. The solver has been successfully deployed in high-end geometry processing tasks such as the Mixed-Integer Quadrangulation project.

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libQEx is a reference implementation of QEx, a method for robust quad mesh extraction from Integer-Grid Maps with imperfections. Integer-Grid Maps are what is generated by most state-of-the-art quad meshing methods such as QuadCover or our own Mixed-Integer Quadrangulation.

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libHexEx is a reference implementation of HexEx, a robust hexahedral mesh extraction algorithm.

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G² (Generalized Grammar)
G² (Generalized Grammar) is a Python prototype of a novel procedural modeling language embedded into the Houdini Modeling Application from SideFX Software.

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Image-Based Localization
An efficient localization approach that determines the camera pose of a query image relative to a Structure-from-Motion model describing a scene.

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Mobile Multi Display
The Mobile Multi Display is a tiling display that consists of multiple iPod or iPhone devices connected via WiFi or Bluetooth. Together these devices form a larger display that can be used for slideshows, games and other interactive applications. Our prototypical implementation allows for the intuitive setup and calibration of the display and the usage of the display for a interactive photo slideshow and a very simple racing game.

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IsoEx - Feature Sensitive Surface Extraction
The IsoEx package provides some simple classes and algorithm for isosurface extraction. Its main purpose is to provide a sample implementation of the Extended Marching Cubes algorithm.

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This webservice performs boolean operations, outer hulls, Minkowski sums, and offset surfaces on your polygonal meshes. The computation is done on the server robustly and accurately using the algorithms presented in Project Page
A software for generating mosaics out of your images.

Webservice discontinued for this project
An easy to use community driven software for modeling cities only utilizing simple operations and aerial images.

Webservice discontinued for this project
The Zometool system is an elegant mathematical modeling system based on a single type of node connector and a small set of different edges (called struts). Our research in this project focuses on discrete optimization methods in order to use this construction system for the approximation and represention of general (freeform) shapes. The representation (Zome-Mesh) has the form of a polygon mesh with the vertices and edges conforming to the Zometool system.

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