Scan2FEM: From Point Clouds to Structured 3D Models Suitable for Simulation

Zain Selman, Juan Musto, Leif Kobbelt
EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage

Preservation of cultural heritage is important to prevent singular objects or sites of cultural importance to decay. One aspect of preservation is the creation of a digital twin. In case of a catastrophic event, this twin can be used to support repairs or reconstruction, in order to stay faithful to the original object or site. Certain activities in prolongation of such an objects lifetime may involve adding or replacing structural support elements to prevent a collapse. We propose an automatic method that is capable of transforming a point cloud into a geometric representation that is suitable for structural analysis. We robustly find cuboids and their connections in a point cloud to approximate the wooden beam structure contained inside. We export the necessary information to perform structural analysis, on the example of the timber attic of the UNESCO World Heritage Aachen Cathedral. We provide evaluation of the resulting cuboids’ quality and show how a user can interactively refine the cuboids in order to improve the approximated model, and consequently the simulation results.

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