Interactive Realtime Graphics


WS 2013





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Many research areas (visualization, physical simulation, geometric modelling) or industrial productions (games, movies) require highly interactive graphical systems. In order to make application interactive one has to carefully design the underlying data structures, invent efficient algorithms to reduce the geometric complexity of 3D models, develop fast and accurate algorithms to compute the complex movements of rigid and/or deformable objects and supply highly parallel software solutions implemented on modern GPUs. Hence, the topics covered in this seminar are among the most inter-disciplinary research fields in Computer Science.

The conferences with the strongest impact on the graphics world are SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, and Eurographics. In this seminar we will discuss results presented recently at those conferences with a focus on the most interesting and innovative ideas. Participating students have the chance to get familiar with state-of-the-art solutions to problems in interactive Computer Graphics, Geometry Processing, Modeling, and Visualization and will gain interesting insights into the involved techniques.



  1. Approximate Convex Decompositions

  2. Subdivision Surface Evaluation

  3. Adaptive Subdivision Surface Evaluation

  4. Interactive High-Quality Curve Rendering

  5. GPU-accelerated path rendering

  6. Real-time Triangle Mesh Rendering

  7. Fast Simulation of Ice Melting

  8. Fast Solid Simulation

  9. Fast Nearest-Neighbor Lookups

  10. Scalable Ambient Obscurance

  11. Interactive Mesh Modeling

  12. Interactive Local Surface Parameterization

  13. Fast Geodesic Distances

  14. Image Completion

  15. Image Retargeting

  16. GPU Font and Curve Rendering

  17. Precomputed Lighting

  18. Diffusion Curves

  19. Point-Based Rendering

  20. Interactive Object Reconstruction

  21. Stylized Hatch Rendering

  22. Voxel-Based Rendering

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