OpenMesh 9.0 Documentation

The documentation for OpenMesh can be found online at the following location:

OpenMesh 9.0 Documentation

Or inside the distributed files in the Documentation directory.

OpenMesh GIT Head Documentation

This documentation is automatically generated from the git repositories HEAD revision. So if you are working directly with the git HEAD of OpenMesh we strongly recommend that you use this version of the documentation. The changelog in this version will also stay up to date:

OpenMesh Developer GIT HEAD Documentation (html)

Old Documentations

The Documentation for older OpenMesh releases can be found here:

OpenMesh 8.x:

OpenMesh 8.1 Documentation

OpenMesh 8.0 Documentation

OpenMesh 7.x:

OpenMesh 7.1 Documentation

OpenMesh 7.0 Documentation

OpenMesh 6.x:

OpenMesh 6.3 Documentation

OpenMesh 6.2 Documentation

OpenMesh 6.1 Documentation

OpenMesh 6.0 Documentation

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